About me

My name is Leslie and I’m the writer behind this blog. You should know I’m not an expert in anything and what you read here is my own ramblings about stuff of interest to me.

One of those things is gardening (southwestern Ontario – Zone 5 for all you gardeners) and the deliciousness and life lessons that come from defining myself as a gardener. My garden is now containers on a balcony and that means focusing on plantings that flourish in that setting with particular concerns about wind and appropriate soil mix. I have an interest in traditional foods and lost culinary skills. Slow cooking. Real food. Whatever you call it, I love it. This isn’t a food blog though; I love eating, not taking photos. You’ll figure that out when you see the pics!

Eating good food to me, is critical to good health; feeling well has become a priority for me as I’ve aged. It really does matter what you eat; I found this by accident a few years ago when embarking on a weight loss diet, and stumbled on the realization that eating certain foods affects how I feel. Everyone knows this is true of alcohol, but wrapping my mind around food is something else. So I do go on and on about this here. Knowing how much of a difference it has made for me … well, it might work for you too. Changing my way of eating is way better than taking medication.

And, I fall into the Boomer cohort which means I have more time with children grown, to stretch my mind as well as my body–and thus, the blog. Whether it’s travel, reading, hiking, exercise, investing, nurturing my inner geek (this blog!), getting enraged at squirrels, relationships with family and friends, or whatever–these are all topics that will end up here because they’ve crossed my mind at one time or another.

Thanks for stopping by!

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