ALT+Start … again

Stone staircase in Fergus, Ontario

The beginning of a new year brings the weight of a new beginning more substantial than a new day or a new month. For each of us, it has a different meaning: the usual half hearted get-in-shape goals, eat better, quit smoking or drinking, or some other manner of self improvement or goal-setting. So, 2015 saw a lot of changes for me, and coming to the hurtle of a new year prompts reflection on the path to now and where to go from here.

A whirlwind of change that involved among other things, a move to a new home and returning to the workforce after a seven year retirement. The upheaval left me bereft of words for this blog and drained of enthusiasm for finding time to write or think about writing. It seemed ridiculous to be posting a recipe or project–and my goodness there have been many–when my thoughts were jumbled in with feelings that were all over the place. And, I’m not very good at laying bare my inner thoughts.

That being said, it would be good for me I believe to get back at ‘er. There’s the modest technical requirement of maintaining a blog that’s appealing in addition to the creative writing. Although not creative in the manner of prose. More like verbal meandering, or in my case, slogging up a steep incline. The resolution for this blog will be to post at least once a week–it’s said if you write down a goal and share it, you’re more likely to succeed.

Welcome to 2016 and a new beginning!

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About Leslie

Trying a little bit of everything: writing, learning Wordpress & basic coding, cooking, playing with grandkids, travelling, gardening, making soap & body treats, and getting older. Not necessarily in that order.