Seville Orange Honey Curd

Waterloo Region is truly an amazing place to live, with so many Farmers' Markets in and around the area, as well as proximity to farm gate … [Read more...]

Marmalade: sunshine in a jar

Late January with the end of winter still a long time in the future, brings the respite of Seville oranges and a Sunday afternoon making … [Read more...]

Chicken Paté

I love good food. Not food that's manufactured or mass produced in a factory, but a dish set before me after being assembled by hand from … [Read more...]

Pomegranate Perfection

Pomegranates begin to appear at the grocers in late autumn at prices that make purchasing in quantity appealing. The question for many … [Read more...]

Liver & Onions: Offal good!

There are only a few menu items that will get me salivating with anticipation and one of them is liver. Yes, liver.  No vegetables, … [Read more...]