Superman gets a cape

Little kiddos can make a cape out of any bath towel being the masters of innovation that they are. With a birthday coming up and my … [Read more...]


Jesters or jokers have a history of being the subtle voice of truth--often the only person allowed to speak freely. We see some of that in … [Read more...]

East Coast Roadtrip

Well, look at that: September is done. Summer is over. A stack of blog post ideas and not one turned into actual writing. Okay, I suck as a … [Read more...]

Rebatching or Handmilling Soap (on purpose)

a.k.a. Temporary Loss of Reason Experimenting with soap making and homemade creams, salves, and personal care products is something I … [Read more...]

Basic Tallow Soap

It's been over a month since my last post and my apologies if you're wondering if I'd ever get around to writing something again. There's … [Read more...]