Barberville FL “The Fruit Stand”

On a recent trip to Florida to visit a friend living in "The Villages", a drive home from the beach took us through Barberville FL, where we … [Read more...]

How easy is it to mess up your blog?

In April Mad Cy & I went away to visit friends and get some much needed exposure to sun and salt water, and on our return there … [Read more...]

Vintage pharma finds at auction sales

Going to auction sales tells us as much about the past as any history book. The day to day of how people ate, lived, dressed, and coped with … [Read more...]

Lavender & Peppermint Body Butter

Start your day with the lift of peppermint and lavender! This is the second time making a handmade body butter. The first time was a … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays

My coffee gets increasingly better the more I drink and the closer I come to the bottom of the cup, where all the sugar is. I wonder if life … [Read more...]