Hazelnut Truffles

hazelnut truffles (paleo)The new year’s resolution to post on the blog more often got off to a rocky start; as you can see it’s the end of January and just getting around to writing something. So many ideas floating around in my head and nothing written down. This applies to letters I’ve been meaning to write as well. What is said about the road to hell being paved with good intentions?

It wasn’t the plan to do another recipe but these are really good and a delicious paleo treat, and I had so much fun making them. Is there a sarcasm font? That was it.

When I see recipes on the internet with their gorgeous photos and enthusiastic write ups by gifted food bloggers, it gets me all gung ho to drop everything and make it. However like the DIY and craft projects on Pinterest evidently done by people from another planet, my attempts at replicating recipes to obtain a result that’s both beautiful and edible often fall short.

Part of the problem seems to be I lack the right tools to undertake these projects: biting off more than I can chew (sorry). I’m torn about relying on that excuse; my Dad says a good craftsman never blames his tools. I’m no craftsman and he’s never had to wrestle with a cheapo 15 year old food processor. So there. 

Originally I set out to find something to make with hazelnuts and settled on the idea of making a paleo version of Nutella™. While hopping around various food blogs looking for instructions, I came across a recipe here for Chocolate Hazelnut “Nutella” Truffles that looked even more perfect and could be whipped up in five minutes (Note: the original recipe is no longer available).  Five minutes: woohoo! I like Ferrero Rocher chocolates and truffles, and the ingredients were simple and in my pantry.

However for me it took longer than 5 minutes. Much longer.

After soaking and drying the hazelnuts the night before, and assembling the other ingredients on the counter, it was decision time on whether to use the useless food processor or the ancient blender–an old beehive Oster. A more sensible person might look at the recipe and conclude that, since a suitable appliance is not at hand, it was best to choose a different project. Not me. I do not falter at the opportunity to be challenged yet again by a simple kitchen tool.

The past several months I’d been researching super blenders, the kind that will chew up anything, but pricing them was scary. Many food bloggers rave about their utility and effectiveness and maybe one day I’ll get one but in the meantime, I came across a possible solution with a heavy duty ice crusher ‘Fusion‘ blade for the blender. This turns out to make really good smoothies, is great for creaming soup, and is a superior replacement for the original equipment blade. Emboldened by success with this modification, and wanting to avoid using the food processor at all costs, I decided the blender was up to the task of chopping a handful of hazelnuts and some dates. The dates had been soaked and were quite soft. What could go wrong? 

Lots, it turns out. After 15 minutes of blending & scraping, and scraping & blending, with my temper coming to a simmer, I looked around for an alternative. For some bizarre reason I thought the Magic Bullet Single Shot might do the trick and dumped it in the jar. What was I thinking? Apparently not thinking at all: I would propose a theory that anger overwrites any rational thought in the brain. There was no magic in the bullet blender. The partly chopped dates and nuts huddled together snickering, refusing to go near the blade. By now, my temper had boiled over.

Maybe the food processor. Arrrgghhhh!

The beast was hauled out of the cupboard and assembled. The uncooperative dates & nuts scraped into the bowl, and the battle began. Mad Cy foolishly came to see what was the cause of the raging in the kitchen, and offer advice. Yes dear Reader: advice. To a woman in a fury in the kitchen where there’s all manner of sharp pointy utensils about. A lesser man would have retreated but Mad Cy is very brave. Or something.

After more scraping and processing, and accidentally chopping the end off a spatula, the mixture was done. 

It’s scooped and rolled up with a hazelnut inside the truffle in the manner of Ferrero Rocher and then coated in chopped hazelnuts, powdered cocoa, toasted coconut or whatever. They are decadent, delicious, chocolate-y and have light hazelnut taste, and with the benefit of a day to recover from the ordeal, well worth it (yes, really). It would be tempting to eat them all at once but I’m going to savour them. One bite at a time.

While I’m shopping online for a new kitchen appliance.

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  1. Hi, Leslie! Thanks so much for trying the recipe. I’m glad you liked it! When I made them and pulsed everything together in the processor it did take me 5 minutes to actually make them, and I noticed you added in some steps (soaking the nuts – which definitely is great for increasing digestibility!) and didn’t use a food processor right off the bat. If following the recipe exactly from prep to finish, I’ve put these together in about 15 minutes, so it may be worth me adjusting since the 5 minutes is more so referring to how quickly they come together once you start actually making them. Thanks for taking the time to comment and leave your helpful feedback as well as share the recipe. I appreciate it! Have a wonderful weekend ๐Ÿ™‚