Rebatching or Handmilling Soap (on purpose)


a.k.a. Temporary Loss of Reason Experimenting with soap making and homemade creams, salves, and personal care products is something I really enjoy. Part of the appeal is to the geeky side of me, understanding how and why things work, and part of it … [Continue reading]

Easy Cioppino

cioppino, a fish and seafood soup

Going to the grocery store these days it's easy to suffer sticker shock especially with fish and seafood. Halibut, codfish, scallops all come in at a price per kilo that exceeds that of AAA beef tenderloin, so cheaper cuts of meat such as liver, … [Continue reading]

Basic Tallow Soap

block of tallow soap

It's been over a month since my last post and my apologies if you're wondering if I'd ever get around to writing something again. There's lots of things going on to blog about but doing those things gets in the way of writing about it. A recent … [Continue reading]

Rhubarb rhubarb

When we moved to this house several years ago, there was a rhubarb plant languishing in a shady corner of the yard that I kept meaning to move. It would send up few stalks and then pout the rest of the season as the tree & fence nearby … [Continue reading]

Barberville FL “The Fruit Stand”

giant pink chicken

On a recent trip to Florida to visit a friend living in "The Villages", a drive home from the beach took us through Barberville FL, where we came across "The Fruit Stand". It was only a split second decision to stop spurred by the giant pink chicken … [Continue reading]