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Several years ago I had the pleasure of being involved as event planner for a fundraiser undertaken by my employer for KidsAbility.  It was a pleasure working with the dedicated people there, and recently I became aware of another event they’re having on Friday, May 10, 2013 live from Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, Ontario.  The Kidsability Radiothon is looking for support from the community, and one person in particular, this year’s Ambassador, Zhade has undertaken her own creative fund raising approach.

An email from her Godmother explains how you can make Zhade’s goal a reality:

“My Goddaughter Zhade is the KidsAbility Kitchener Waterloo Ambassador this year. She has decided that she wants to collect 35 pounds of pennies to give to KidsAbility at the RadioThon this Friday April 10, 2013. She chose to collect 35 pounds of pennies as that is how much her first wheelchair weighed, and she wants them to know how much her mobility has meant to her throughout her childhood, and how much KidsAbility has meant to her. 

If you have any extra spare pennies sitting about, and would like to help her reach her goal for the KidsAbility Kids Can’t Wait RadioThon, please let me know. I would love to have her succeed at this very meaningful goal!

Thanks for considering Zhade’s wish request. Feel free to contact me at (edited out for privacy)”

So, empty those piggy banks and sock drawers, check for change in your car and old wallets and make it happen for Zhade!

Update:   Zhade not only raised 35 lbs of pennies but surpassed her goal to bring the total to more than her current weight in pennies.  She raised 103 lbs of pennies for KidsAbility!  As her Godmother Lana wrote me, “As Zhade so poignantly pointed out, so many people think that both pennies, and kids like her, aren’t worth much.  They are SO WRONG!  Both have great value when employed to their potential.”

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