Superman gets a cape

Superman cape for child Little kiddos can make a cape out of any bath towel being the masters of innovation that they are. With a birthday coming up and my grandson’s delight with flying about the house pretending to be Superman, I checked out Pinterest and did a search of Google for patterns for a cape and settled on the instructions at Thread Riding Hood.

Pattern layout of superman cape With a bit of modification, the cape came together quickly largely thanks to the excellent PDF pattern and instructions. Now, if you’re an experienced seamstress with a state of the art sewing machine or serger, and dedicated sewing room, turn away now. My cutting table is the floor and the desktop computer is shoved aside to make room for the sewing machine (arrrgh!). I’m also pretty lazy when it comes to sewing and did not, as I was taught decades ago, prewash the fabric before starting this project. Prewashing is done for a whole lot of excellent reasons and I do make a point of doing it when sewing clothes; however, this was a costume piece made entirely of cotton so I’m not worried about what might happen to it. You see in the photo the wrinkly unwashed fabric, but it turns out nicely in the end with the ironing necessary for doing the logo and finishing. 

Superman logo layout on cape

The biggest change I made to this pattern was using cotton pieces to make the ‘S’ logo and then doing a zigzag stitch to applique in order to get a black outline on the letter pieces. The logo is from Printable Treats and I outlined it onto tracing paper, then cut out pieces which were held in place with iron-on fusible bonding. The other minor change was to attach the velcro closures to the collar before sewing the lining and outer cape pieces together: this was purely aesthetic. 

Superman logo pattern

Super Easy! Sew one up for your little Super Kid!

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  1. OOooh! Its so cute! Good use of the black zig-zag, it’s perfect as an outline for the logo. I’m sure it’s new owner will have so much fun in it! Thanks so much for sharing.