ALT+Start … again

The beginning of a new year brings the weight of a new beginning more substantial than a new day or a new month. For each of us, it has … [Read more...]


Jesters or jokers have a history of being the subtle voice of truth--often the only person allowed to speak freely. We see some of that in … [Read more...]

How easy is it to mess up your blog?

In April Mad Cy & I went away to visit friends and get some much needed exposure to sun and salt water, and on our return there … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesdays

My coffee gets increasingly better the more I drink and the closer I come to the bottom of the cup, where all the sugar is. I wonder if life … [Read more...]

Lessons from monsters under the bed

Hands up anyone who was afraid of Monsters under the bed when you were a kid. Even to this day I don't like to have my hand hanging over the … [Read more...]