Barberville FL “The Fruit Stand”

giant pink chicken

This is for my cousin

On a recent trip to Florida to visit a friend living in “The Villages”, a drive home from the beach took us through Barberville FL, where we came across “The Fruit Stand”. It was only a split second decision to stop spurred by the giant pink chicken out front. There was also another ordinary giant white chicken–ordinary in the colour, not the size. My cousin kindly sends me photos of her encounters with giant chickens from time to time because she knows someday I’d love to keep chickens in my backyard. Not Godzilla sized chickens running amok, which I’m sure city councillors must envision given their reluctance to allow residents to have birds in a coop in the backyard; instead just three or four laying hens for fresh eggs and aiding in garden maintenance & fertilizing.

So, this chicken is for Connie. With Love!

lots of ceramic yard art

A fraction of the selection

There were plenty of other similar over- & life-sized artifacts–cows, horses, buffalo–as well as a colourful and amazing selection of decor for the garden, yard, and home. From cement crocodiles (it’s Florida, eh?) and fountains, to pottery frogs, bowls, pots, manatees, and flamingos, and a wide array of statuary, it had everything. Mad Cy, our friend and I spent quite a while exploring the huge outdoor showcase, admiring the beautiful colours and imagination of the creators of the pieces. True to its name “The Fruit Stand”, there was also fruits, peanut brittle, honey and preserves. And an iguana.


Just another day in paradise

This guy was quietly hanging out enjoying yet another gorgeous day in the Florida sunshine. If you’re driving through central Florida, you must stop and see this place. Seriously, you’ll find something to take home. Maybe a giant pink chicken.

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