Rhubarb rhubarb

When we moved to this house several years ago, there was a rhubarb plant languishing in a shady corner of the yard that I kept meaning to … [Read more...]

Roasted Parsnips

Getting out in the garden to clean up is a chore not usually met with excitement, but after the long, bitterly cold winter just past, it is … [Read more...]

Tweet birds well in the winter

When winter snow and freezing rain make summer a far off dream, birds can be a welcome and entertaining diversion. Crowding about the … [Read more...]

Walk in the garden: Joe Pye Weed

Not a weed at all, this wonderful plant is attractive to butterflies, bees and birds.  A herbaceous perennial, which pretty much means … [Read more...]

Baby birds

With each downpour of rain, the garden gets fuller and more lush.  The clematis is filling out with buds, as are the poppies and … [Read more...]