How easy is it to mess up your blog?

In April Mad Cy & I went away to visit friends and get some much needed exposure to sun and salt water, and on our return there were all kinds of maintenance and update issues to be dealt with on the back end of this happy little blog. So, with an uncharacteristic lack of caution I went ahead and clicked my way through the updates. Not a good idea in hindsight. The site is broken–notice the photos are missing?–and even a back-up does not undo the damage. The silver lining is this is an excellent learning opportunity about the inner workings of WordPress, something I’ve been putting off learning because, well the user interface is so damn easy it takes a committed effort to making things complicated enough to blow it up. And, I’m truly committed, or should be.

In March I signed up for a day long CSS & HTML workshop presented by Ladies Learning Code and it was excellent. The facilitator and other mentors worked with a full house of women, young & old, learning to create a website from nothing. Among the many things I took away (fortunately) was it’s not hard to code or understand the framework that is WordPress. So, if you check back once in a while and things are looking weird, that’s just me messing around. Hopefully I won’t make things worse!

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About Leslie

Trying a little bit of everything: writing, learning Wordpress & basic coding, cooking, playing with grandkids, travelling, gardening, making soap & body treats, and getting older. Not necessarily in that order.